Top Reasons why to Hire a Birth Photographer

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Birth photography has been on the upswing, some may say trend, but I think it’s here to stay and only growing.  As a pregnant Mama, you have so much more to worry about.  Hey, maybe you don’t even have the nursery completed yet.  Here are some reasons why you DON’T want to miss out on hiring a birth photographer.  

  1. This moment won’t last forever.  

I have had very different experiences with all my labor and births.  Looking back on the time I had, wither recovering in the hospital or at home after a home birth, some moments with each child have long gone past in my minds eye.  Each child has their own story, and how beautiful it would be to transcend myself back after looking back at an image of a special moment that may be gone forever.

     2.         They are worth every penny. 

                       Birth photographers are on call, they have lives, some have kids, and for me that    

would be six.  I love photography, it’s my passion as well as the birth process, but that only goes so far. Some labors can go for 40 plus hours.   We have expenses too- time and equipment that certainly adds up.

                3.         You say, “I could just snap some pics off of my phone, no problem”.  

I was one of those brides that told my husband, “I just want to get married, why on earth do we NEED a videographer?  Well, here I am 15 years later and as tradition we watch the video that we had hired a professional to produce for our wedding every year.  Yes, we make our kids watch it too.  

    4.         You might need some extra support during labor.

Some photographers have been done this road.  I recommend that you find one that has.  Experience with labor is a plus.  Your photographer won’t be taking pictures the whole labor.  There is a lot of time.  Because I love the birth process, I am training in the process of becoming certified as a doulal.  You will need as much support as you can get to follow out your birth plan.  Because your photographer is already there taking pictures, it’s a plus that she can step in and give some support when needed.  

    5.         Perspective.

You will be laboring, feeling the pain.  Situations may be in favor of your birth plan, and change in an instant.  Your birth photographer captures the outward perspective that you do not see.  Pictures capture stories, and your baby has a story that begins at birth.  So precious and unmistakingly unique.  Life is a gift, do not miss it.  

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