What to Expect

Answering your questions about how you can create a unique birth experience through doula services, birth photography and postpartum care 

What is your free consultation? ​

We will meet virtually over Zoom, Facebook messenger or FaceTime for a free initial consultation.  This meeting identifies your vision for your birth and what services you are interested in.  I like to spend time on how you plan to prepare for your labor and birth and how my services will get you there.  This meeting is a starting point to see if we are a good fit to work together.   

How many meetings do you provide before and after the birth?

Typically, as your doula, I will arrange two prenatal meetings that are best for your schedule. I like to meet with your partner as well. In these meetings we will go over information that will be beneficial to you during your pregnancy and labor. I design these sessions based on what you think will be helpful to you. Most women and their partners enjoy learning about the labor process and pain management techniques. I believe that education is key to my clients, as this helps you identify what is happening to your body during pregnancy and labor so you are more comfortable and empowered on your birthing day. I provide a virtual visit towards the last part of your pregnancy to talk about any fears or frustrations you may have leading up to the big day. After your baby is born, I arrange a post partum visit when you are ready. This visit can be done in person or virtually, depending on what is best for you.

Why should I get a doula if I plan on getting an epidural?

Doulas are NOT just for natural labors. Doulas are to help you in the process of labor and help you achieve the birth vision that best fits you. Labor sometimes doesn't go as planned. Being informed what your options are and identifying the resolution that is best for you and the baby is what makes a successful birth story. As a doula, I advocate for you to stay the course and help you feel empowered every step of the way. I am a doula for moms that want natural birth, medicated birth, cesarean birth and VBAC.

My partner feels like he will be left out if I hire a doula.

This is one of the biggest falsehoods!  I always tell my clients that dads make the best doulas!  Sometimes they may just need a little help.  As a doula, I enjoy teaching partners all the techniques I use because dad will love to be able to help you during labor.  The relationship you have with your partner is always respected and I will always give space for you both as a couple.  Oxytocin is produced when we feel loved and cared for, and I always encourage this between the couple during labor.  

I am interested for you to photograph our birth!

I like to meet with my clients to talk about what they want from me as a birth photographer. We can arrange this virtually through Facebook messenger, Zoom or FaceTime. I will arrive at your birth when you are in active labor, if I am not hired as your doula. I will document your birth story as well as stay one hour after the birth of your baby to capture dad cutting the cord, the first latch and weighing and measuring. At least 50 images will be delivered to you within 7 days of the birth of your baby.

Where do I start?

The first step is to contact me at the link below.   I provide a free consultation virtually through Facetime, Zoom or Facebook video messenger to see if we are a good fit.  When you agree to move forward, I will send out a digital assessment and agreement.  After those are signed, I will send out your first invoice to collect 50 percent of the total amount.  The final 50 percent is collected before my on call period begins.  

I am interested in an infant care specialist to help me after the birth.

I will arrange with you a free virtual consultation to understand what your postpartum needs are.  As an infant care specialist I provide night time care for your infant.  It is important to know that planning early in your pregnancy is will ensure that I have availability for a contracted period of time.  

What do you charge?

From doula services, birth photography to infant care, your birth package is as unique as you.  Each of the services are optional, I will create a custom package designed especially to fit your unique needs. 

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