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Hypnosis and Labor

Hypnosis in childbirth has sparked interest in pregnant mothers for decades.  Videos are available online filming home birthing mom’s peaceful and easy births.  How can

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Oxytocin and How it Helps Labor

Oxytocin is commonly known as the “love hormone”.  When a pregnant woman feels safe, loved and in a trusting environment, her oxytocin levels will rise. 

Newborn child sleeping in dads arms
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Dads and Doulas

When visiting couples for their prenatal visits, I always ask that the father be present, if possible at the meetings.  It is very essential that

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The History of Waterbirth 

Waterbirth is not a new idea, as some may think.  Legends of South Pacific Islanders were known to give birth in shallow water, as well

Doula Services

What is a doula and What Do They Do?

Women having a supportive companion during birth can be found dating back to prehistoric times.  Stone carvings and statues have been discovered throughout history. The