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What is a newborn care specialist?

Having a baby is tough, and bringing the baby home can be tougher!  When we become pregnant our focus is on having the baby, not so much on what we do with the baby after.  Those first weeks or months, when you bring a baby home can be very stressful, our milk comes in and baby is learning how to nurse, we are still recovery from a caesarian birth or a third degree tear, etc. and add on the sleep deprivation!  Sometimes we don’t even know what day of the week it is! 

As a newborn care specialist (NCS), I understand motherhood.  If it is your first baby or if the baby is your third and you have other children to take care of, it’s ALL hard and we ALL need help.  A NCS provides nighttime care to your newborn, so that you can get the best sleep enabling you to be a better parent.  I will tend to the newborn, including feedings and diapering and soothing.  If you are bottle feeding, I will prepare bottles or if you are nursing, the baby will be brought to you to nurse.   

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Typically, it is best to start preparing for your postpartum time in advance so that you can reserve services and guaranteed availability. 

To learn more about Doula services contact Kerstin

When do I hire a ncs?

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