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What is a doula?

A doula is a woman who adds support to the mother and partner sometimes known as a birth companion, birth coach or birth supporter.  A doula will provide physical assistance such as massage or supporting postures, emotional support and encouragement or advocating to support the birthing mother’s wishes and vision of her labor and birth.  Doulas also provide information of the birth process and what procedures or medication might be available and it’s pros and cons in the birth process.

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I find that many women seek my services for their second or later pregnancies.  How I wish I had a doula for my first labor!  Unfortunately, hindsight is 20/20.  Going into labor with our first child, we tend to believe that we can conquer the world.  Sometimes, labor may not go as planned and we feel left out of the story that we wish we had.  As a doula, I will educate you on the process of labor and what ways you can manage the pain, feel more comfortable and support and encourage on your way through labor.   Research has shown that women that have hired doulas have more satisfaction in their birth experience.  Women that have the support of a doula also experience less medical interventions.  

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why should I get a doula?

Why should I hire you?

I am passionate about helping women achieve their birth vision.  Having six children, I have a wide range of birth experiences to share.  The times when I struggled and our birth story was different than what I expected, I realize if I had the advocacy and support of a doula, the story may have been entirely different.  Birth is an amazing process, and I love to see how a mom fights her battles and carries herself through to the other side.  As a doula, I enjoy educating my clients about the process of labor and what happens to the body.  I believe that education is so powerful, because the more you know the less surprises there will be.  The relationship for me, is not just between mom and a doula, but many of my clients I build friendships with that I cherish.  Doula work is an amazing calling for me, that is why I am continuing on to become a midwife someday!    

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