Morning Sickness Symptoms

Woman Suffering With Morning Sickness In Bathroom At Home

More than half of all women experience symptoms of morning sickness through some part of their pregnancy or unfortunately throughout their entire pregnancy.  These symptoms can last early in the morning, later at night, or all day long.  

Morning sickness can also be brought on by strong food aversions that can cause nausea and/or vomiting.  If severe morning sickness persists, hospitalization can be necessary.  

Even if extreme morning sickness exists throughout pregnancy, there is no variation in outcome of the pregnancy for those that have morning sickness and have brought their weight up later on in their pregnancy, than those that do not exhibit such symptoms.  

Though there are no true medical findings of what may cause morning sickness, it is to be reported that an increase in pregnancy hormones can cause symptoms including a heightened sense of smells or digestive system sensitivities.  

Ways to cope with morning sickness include:

Eat smaller meals throughout the day instead.  Not eating at all can be a tendency especially if you aren’t feeling well, but this can cause agitation.    

Use ginger to help soothe your stomach.  Use ginger teas, chews or preserves or ginger ale made with real ginger to ease the symptoms or prohibit them from getting worse.  As a preventative measure, take ginger capsules with 250 milligrams, four times a day.  

Avoid foods that contain too much fat or grease, sweets, spicy or any food that can cause too much stomach gas.  Holding off combining food and drink together can help.  Try to keep them separated at mealtime.  

Avoid strong smells especially ones that trigger your nausea.  Smells that trigger include cigarette smoke, perfume or mealtime preparation.      

Essential oils can help greatly with all kinds of ailments.   Oils such as mint, lemon or orange can be dropped into a diffuser or placed on a cotton ball to inhale for quick relief.  Appling the oils in a carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut oil to pressure points with a roller ball applicator can have lasting results.  

Taking prenatal vitamins during at a good time for you.  Sometimes taking a prenatal vitamin in the morning can irritate the stomach, try taking the vitamin at night before bedtime instead.  

Search through alternative remedies to help ease morning sickness.  Some women report the sea-band that helps with seasickness. Also, acupuncture has been know to help women as well.  

Exercise can help alleviate symptoms.  Going for a quick walk, swimming or yoga might be activities to look into.  

When to talk to your doctor:

Hyperemesis Gravidarum is a condition in which excessive vomiting can lead to dehydration.  If you experience any of these symptoms you should reach your doctor and visit the emergency room:

Vomiting for more than 12 hours 

Dehydration causing less urination than normal, darker urine and dizziness

Vomiting with signs of blood

Pelvic pain or abdominal cramping

Weight loss of more than 5 pounds because of vomiting

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